a workout is one hour of your day.
i care more about how you’re moving the other 23. Especially your feet.

Hello. Welcome to Emerge; I’m Jennifer, Nutritious Movement-certified Restorative Exercise Specialist and Pilates teacher. And yes, those are my feet, which aren’t nearly as large in real life as they look up there. Speaking of feet, our first (and second and third and…) lesson will begin with your feet, because if your feet aren’t moving well, everything above them is affected, including your Pilates practice and your life outside the studio—where it matters most. It’s no coincidence that Joseph Pilates began the first series of exercises on the reformer with Footwork. Begin restoring strength and mobility in your feet, and begin restoring strength and flexibility within the divinely designed ecosystem that is your whole body. The emergent truth: when we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe. (John Muir).